Subtitle Software Suite

This standalone software works in most modern browsers that support HTML5. Nothing is installed; works from a local folder

  • Type or paste in your text, press a button, and the text is broken into blocks of 35 words
  • Adjust the timings manually, or use the sliders under video to decide in and out points
  • Click on export to save a basic SRT file

    Upgrade to SSA
  • Add multiple colour “voice” styles
  • Add localised text colours / font styles / background colours
  • Add localised bold / italic / underline styles
  • Position text top, middle or bottom / left, right or centre
  • Export as SSA file

    The guide also explains how to
    – create “open captions” that are burned into the video
    – info on browser technology
    – multi-camera / live video methods
    – create WebVTT and .scc caption files and others

The basic program will be offered as a 30 day trial, and if purchased, the SSA upgrade will also be offered on a further 30 day trial

There will also be an affliate option paying 50% on initial sale / upgrade and when commercial users use the online export feature. (The browser based export works for up to 150 caption file exports)

We also have a “Video to text” transcription utility you can download FREE OF CHARGE that you are welcome to use, or give to others. (Play, pause, rewind and fast forward are all controlled via the keyboard arrow keys) Affiliates: This giveaway will also link to your account.

The “Subtitle Software Suite”, Affiliate Offer and Transcription giveaway are due to go live towards the end of September. Please email me if you would like to be notified when this goes “live” mailto:[email protected]