My Products

This is my lastest project – which I started coding when Covid-19 lockdown started, and has taken until September to complete. And that’s working 10hrs a day, seven days a week. Still, I’m glad to say I’m very pleased with the end product. You can learn a little more about it here:

This publication – available as an ebook download and a physical book in UK – has ‘instructions’ shown on the left page, and blank pages on the right. You write in details such as:

  • Where you were born
  • Your first school
  • Your first love
  • Where you got married etc

Can be kept as a keepsake for future generations, or to prompt memories of people who develop dementia

This ebook features a series of perm bets that allow you to – at worst – break even … or make a large profit.

Also includes spreadsheet models and browser based app that works out the bets for you

This little app – which runs in any HTML5 compatible browser – allows you to win multiple doubles, trebles and fourfold accumulator but placing only one bet a day.

A video on the page shows the app in action

This guide will show you how to cover up to 2/3rds of the table, leaving “the house” fewer numbers to beat you with.

Another bet leaves the house with just FOUR numbers to play with!

Very simple to learn, and works in both online and offline casinos

If you suffer from back pain or sciatica, this little guide will give you eight exercises you can do at home that allows you to strengthen your muslces to prevent problems in the future.

Fully illustrated with colour images showing each move