About Me

My main hobby / interest is as a photographer and video maker

I am also currently developing software for event photographers and school photographers. These will be sold on one of my other sites PicSnappa This is probably where I will also ultimately promote my photo biz and photo related software (See below)

I also use HTML, CSS, Javascript and PERL to write simple apps. Some of these apps are used to help run my business interests – such as the display, shopping cart and artwork layout features on BawdyBoards

Other apps include one aimed at the betting world that allows people to place ONE BET as and when they have confidence in a win, and allows them to effectively create the multiple wins one would normally get in a Yankee bet. Another guide features my own unique football perms whilst a third was aimed at beating the casino wheel.

A Kindle book was created that features a series of exercises for people suffering back problems.

A physical book – originally published on CreateSpace – allowed people to “fill in the blanks” about their life, such as :

  • where they were born,
  • their first school
  • their first love
  • where they were married
  • hobbies and interests

… and other topics.

I am currently developing online photography and video services, as well as developing offline photography and video ‘side hustles’. I am also creating the hardware required to run a couple of photobooth events.

Business aside, I live in a small town in North Essex, and share my home with my four cats: “Daisy”, “Poppy”, “Katrina” and “Lady”