Vid-e-Tec is springing to life …

For the last few months, I have been modifying some of my software, (this is the third or fourth version!) and is now operating under the “CoAdMem” banner. It’s a membership style software with a difference – which I will explain anon. And the first site to be set up is “

As the name implys, this is a “Vid-e(o)” site looking at production “TECnique”. This covers physical production with cameras, visual effects using software and marketing style whiteboard and explainer style videos. As of April 2016, it’s a bit ‘thin-on-the-ground’ in terms of content, but hopefully that will improve in time. The ultimate aim is to make it a membership site with some FREE content, and more hidden away under the membership bonnet.

So what makes “CoAdMem” different? Basically, it uses other people to submit the content whom we call “co-admin” For example, if I have 10 ‘video experts’ submitting three articles or videos to the above site every month, there’s 30 new items added to the site each month. And in return for writing articles / creating videos, we allow ‘co-admin’ to keep 75% of every membership they sell. (The marketing aspect is optional. The experts can simply create content if they wish)

Add to the mix that every co-admin can also create their own specific message boards, (ie one might specialise in lighting topics, one in marketing topics, one in software etc) They can also create newspages and FAQ’s, surveys and guestbooks, add links to their site to the directory and more. And they can do this FOR FREE (It ensures the site has content which will make it a more attractive membership option) Oh, and all members can also search for members with similar interests, and contact them without revealing their email address.

Now “Vid-e-tec” is the first site set up. There are others planned … once we find several authors willing to write about a specifc niche each month. For example, if I find 10 people interested in crafting, I could create a hobby related site. Ten people interested in writing about gardening, I create a gardening site. Ten people interested in … well, you get the idea. (If you have a niche you’d like to write about once a month, and might also be interested in earning 75% commission once the site went live, please send your idea to (Note: You will be contacting me personally, not some faceless organisation)

Want to find out more about CoAdMem? CLICK HERE

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