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Discover How You Can
Expand Your Mailing Lists
Using Banner Ads In A Novel Way

There are several reasons why you should join our unique Banner Exchange program. For example, the improved exchange ratio.

Most exchanges offer something like a 2:1 ratio, meaning users must display two banners on their site to have their banner shown once on another website.

Some exchanges offer an even more insulting 5:1 ratio meaning you must display five banners before one of your banners is shown!!

But we offer a far better deal. We use a 1:1 ratio

That’s right. Each time you display a banner advert is displayed on your website,
… your banner will sheduled to appear on another user’s site!

Another disadvantage with most Banner Ads is that once people click on the ad, they’re taken directly to another website, leaving your site … probably never to return again.

Not so with our Exchange!

Our script will attempt to sign people up to YOUR mailing list
before diverting them to the other site.

In this way, you will be able to promote “back end sales” to your list members at a later date for months – possibly years – to come.

All you have to do is add one line of HTML code to your web page

Lets say your webpage displays 100 banners a day. If anyone clicks on a banner, you have the chance of adding that person to your mailing list.

Plus, YOUR banner gets shown on another 100 sites around our network bringing yet more people to your site!

You can even “rotate” your banners

All members can upload up to ten banners, and each will be displayed in turn. You can also “disable” a banner at any time to stop it appearing on the network. Simply click a box on the admin form.

You can also view your “stats” for each banner. It shows …

  • The number of times your banner has been displayed on the network
  • The number of people who have clicked the YES button
  • The number of people who clicked the NO button
  • The Click Thro ratio, (percentage of ads displayed to clicks)

On screen, our script shows your monthly stats. But you can also download a file that shows a DAILY breakdown of your stats. These can be displayed in a spreadsheet. We also provide a simple Excel spreadsheet model you can use

Here are a few other things you might be wondering about.

How long before my banner appears on another site?
Could be a few days – a few hours, (or literally seconds!!)

The best way to explain the process is to imagine a list with ten lines on it.

When you display a banner on your site, details for that ad are “pulled” from line number 1 at the top of a database. It’s then removed from list.

At the same time, details of your Your Next Banner to be displayed is added to the bottom of the stack. So that list now reads
“2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-Your Next Banner

In otherwords, everyone has shuffled one place up the list.

Each time the network displays an advert somewhere on the network, it “pulls” data from the top of the database, and everyone moves up one place. Once your banner ad reaches the top of the pile, it’s next to be displayed on a site within the network.

Can I place the Poppa code on several pages?
Yes, please do. You can place code on as many pages as you wish. Plus you can place the link code on the same page as many times as you wish. You can even make each banner promote a different mailing list for you!

Will my banners appear on my own site
Short answer: No

The script is intelligent enough to recognise your site,
and will instead display a banner from another user.

Can I promote multiple newsletters?
Each account can use up to five mailing lists …
but only one of the five is linked to a particular banner.

To explain this in more detail …

Say you have the banner code on your home page,
and another banner code on a sales page.

If they click the banner on your home page, you have set things up such that they will be invited to subscribe to your main newsletter.

However, if they click on a banner displayed on your sales page, they are invited to subscribe to your sales newsletter.

Note: Because it’s a Banner Exchange network, any banner could be diplayed on your site – but viewers will always be invited to subscribe to YOUR newsletter before being redirected to the advertiser’s website.

You can place the link code on the same page as many times as you wish

Want to try it out?
You will be invited to join my mailing list
… before being taken to the banner advertiser’s website.

So what are you waiting for?
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