What REALLY annoys me …

Apart from the spammers sending me junk email, I also get emails from several “gurus” where I’ve purchased one of their products, or I’ve chosen to subscribe to their list.

They willingly send you all the latest deals they’re promoting as an affiliate … but you try reversing the role, and sending them an email.

Obviously, I’m not talking about sending THEM details of something you’re also promoting as an affiliate which will obiously go straight in the bin. I’m talking about where you’ve created a product which they could promote to their mailing list to make even more cash.

They always state “You should establish a relationship with the people you want to market your product …” How, when you send product details to fellow marketeers, but they haven’t even got the decency to reply to send a couple of sentences back again? Sometimes you MIGHT reach the actual person, but nine times out of ten, you get as far as their support team or personal assistant.

OK, so they might be sent dozens of emails everyday, and they bin most of them as junk, (in which case, why do they say to contact them??) Let’s face it, we all get bombarded with spam, and we’re not as ‘high profile’ as these gurus. But what I would like to know is HOW do you get these people on your side? (I suspect that in reality, it’s the “Old Boy” network; you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours. But how do you scratch their back when they don’t even tell you where the itch is?

Now I buy a lot of video software, and it’s “surprising” how the same names keep popping up on each other’s sales pages. OK, so perhaps each is seen as a “go to” video expert, and so their endorsement carries weight … but it brings me back to the original point, how can you even TRY to get these people on side when the average person cannot even communicate with them?

That said, I have managed to email – briefly – two of these video Top Dogs, who we’ll call “TG” and “JR” – I’m sure you’ll know who they are!

Now I’m not expecting a marketer to drop everything, and start a long term personal correspondence with me straight away. Like them, I don’t have time to write “friendship” style missives each day (amazes me how people update their Facebook profiles several times an hour!!), but just some feedback re the product link you sent out would be nice, to know whether or not you’re moving in the right direction.

I’ve always thought – although whether it would actually work when I’m a famous marketeer (!) – is that if someone sent me a GENUINE request for an opinion about something, (rather than “BUY ME”, “BUY ME”, “BUY ME” spam) I would send a personal reply.

Maybe that’s just me!

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