New Products (out soon)

Having coded a video captioning app, I took it a stage further, and created an app that allows Internet Marketers to create branded videos for their affiliates. Or rather, the affiliates can brand a vendor’s video with their own affiliate link. Said video is then uploaded to their social media /YouTube channel etc.

Another plan is for a “Webinar alternative” At present, most marketing webinars consist of a series of static Powerpoint slides which they then talk over. This creates a HUGE video – often gigabytes in size – which is then relayed via a commercial company. These are often expensive as they have to handle thousands of gigs of video data for each ‘attendee’

I have an idea that will reduce each ‘video’ down to about 10MB so that even with 1,000 attendees, the bandwidth will be 10GB ! “Watch this space” as they say.

Another of my past ideas was to run a photobooth biz. That was all going well …until COVID hit! So – along with other operators – we had to find an alternative. And that is a ‘virtual’ photobooth.

Finally, I am setting up ANOTHER website dedicated to all things ‘video’. It will feature informative videos, articles and more. It’s not online yet, but keep an eye open for “”

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