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As of April 2020, I am “looking into” two new video options.

When marketers publish their videos, their first choice is “YouTube”. However, there are drawbacks. They now show adverts at the start of a video … which may be for a competitor’s product. Worst still, at the end of the video, they show ‘related’ videos. Again, these could be for competitor’s products or – as is usually the case, the viewer will say “Oh, let’s check out this video” … and get sidetracked away from the original vendor’s offer.

So product No1 is “video hosting” At this moment, I can only accept about 25 clients to this service (each with 2GB month bandwidth) But if it takes off, I could extend it to accept more clients. (I’m still mastering the software myself, so no orders yet please!)

The second product is a “sub titling” service. Recently, my hearing aid batt went down – and I had no replacements. So I couldn’t view 90% of videos that appeared in my Facebook feed. Similarly, some people watch videos at work, (in their break time, obviously !) Again, they might not have the facility to plug in a pair of headphones into the office server, so again, sub titles would allow them to follow a video without audio. Same for people on a train who again don’t want to use headphones.

Oh, and the video can also be ‘transcribed’ such that English audio can be turned into Chinese, Spanish or any other language. And the sub titles can equally be ‘encoded’ This would allow English speakers to sell products into foreign markets.

Again, early doors as of April as I’m still learning the software, but as they say: “Watch This Space

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