Picsnappa and BawdyBoards

I am currently building items to run a photobooth service locally. (It’s taking a lot of building!)

Now lots of booths feature physical props, such as inflatable hammer, wig, glasses etc. One item that is also used a lot are small boards showing a humerous message. They are called “WordBoards”. I have taken the concept a little further, and created saucy seaside / “Carry On” style humour boards. They will be marketed under the name of “BawdyBoards”

They will also be supplied by a method not commonly in use in the booth community. At present, boards are supplied as a physical entity, around about $30 for a set of 6. My method is to supply just the artwork. It it then up to the end user whether they wish to print on card using a home printer, or create a “layup” of images to send to a commercial printer. As there is less postage for me to pay (zero) the price is also lower, currently at £1 (approx 70p) per board. I’ve created 80 such boards.

The website is in beta; the images are uploaded, but need to check that the shopping cart works, and that the software on the server runs correctly.

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