My First Photography Post

Before the pandemic started in 2020, I was developing software for event photographers and school photography. They are currently on the ‘back burner’, but here is the concept.

With event photography, they ask people if they want their photo taken. If yes, the photographer takes the photos, and then scans a card with an NFC device attached to their phone. In the evening, the photos are uploaded to a specific website. The customer then visits that site, and can either download the images, or request paper copies of the print. The latter are created by a professional lab, and sent directly to the client. (The website shows a ‘retail’ price, and the photographer pays the lab a ‘trade’ price. and makes a profit from the price difference)

The school photo software works in a similar way. However, rather than a card, each pupil is given an instant printout showing the first photo taken, reprint prices, and a link to a website. The pupil takes the contact home with them, and again, the parent orders from the website with prints being sent to them directly.

But as both require a ‘gathering’ of people, development is on hold whilst we are in this pandemic.

However, I am looking into offering another service, which is similar to Photoshop airbrushing. It allows me to change people’s photos to (say) improve a cloudy sky, add a fake sunset, remove blemishes from portraits and so on.

Early days on this, but as they say: “Watch This Space

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