What is this site about?

It’s September 2017; time to update my plans again.

Over the years – yes YEARS – I have created a number of software utilities and websites. I have now “revamped” a number of them … and they have been sitting on my server unused and unloved. I might start promoting them again soon.

I had another idea to set up a site dedicated to video hobbyists – but as ever – “Vid-e-Tec” crashed and burned!

Oh, and after FOUR YEARS IN THE WRITING, I am no getting nearer to publishing the guide and software. Just need to finalise the Version III over next few months.
I’ve documented every step of the builds, and the LARGE publication (now up to 280 pages and counting!) explaining how to get into the photo-booth business, school photography, graduation and sports photos.

With respect to the above, I created three software programs … but they were designed for a photo hosting website I fell out of love with, so am now redeveloping them. I think I can promote it for considerably less than the $39/month “Photodeck” currently ask for a similar system. (Ironically, it was the original vendor of ‘Snapizzi’ – now part of the above company – that sparked me to create my own version!)

All the best,
Chris Brown

PS: Why is this site called “Cristofayre.com” It’s actually a play on words. The first section is another version of my name (Christopher becomes Cristo and Fayre is an Olde English word meaning “to promote or offer for sale a range of goods and services” which I felt was appropriate for my online activities!

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