Sell "A Letter From Santa"
To Parents Worldwide
... and keep 100% of the money!

Well, not only a letter, but also ...
  • A "Nice List" Certificate

  • A signed photograph from the Big Man himself

  • Presented in a decorative envelope

We have three different letters,
and eleven different letter backgrounds for parents to choose from!

All they have to do is:
  1. Tick the little circle beside the background required

  2. Tick the little circle beside the letter required

  3. Enter the details of their child / children
... and we get to work as soon as payment is made - or more correctly - our software does!

In just a few moments, our software will create the required documents, and send the buyer an email containing a download link. NB: See our new option in the PS

They simply download the files, and print them off using their home inkjet / laser printer. They choose whether to use standard 80gsm paper, or quality 120gsm stock. Similarly, the envelope can be printed on most inkjets, as can the 'Signed' photo from Santa.

They then simply merges the letter in with their normal mail.

We even provide them with a link to Santa's Secret Vault where they can already download a range of goodies ... and we plan on adding more items as we get ever closer to the Big Day.

As a member of our team, all you have to do is sent people to
your own personalised web page - which we provide and host for you! At the bottom of that page is your own payment button. When they click on that ...
YOU GET PAID THE FULL AMOUNT (4.95 or equivalent in your Currency).
No sending us x.xx to fulfill the order. YOU KEEP IT ALL

Lets say you get just ten orders a week, (but of course, it could be many more!)

That will pay you 49.50 (10x 4.95)
So in a four week month, you could - in this example - earn ALMOST 200

Let's say things didn't go quite as planned, and you only got half that number of orders. You've still made 100 just by sending people to a web page. No stock to purchase, no distribution headaches, nothing to physically create ... just easy money dropping into your account!

Considering how much money you could potentially make, do you think it would be fair for us to charge YOU just 25 a month to use our facilities? Remember, you get your own personalised web page, featuring your own payment button (so you can be sure that any money will come straight to you) ... whilst everything else is done for you!

Plus, this is a seasonal thing:
At most, October to December.
That means you will only pay us three payments of 25
In short, you pay us A MAXIMUM of 75 (so you know up front your total outlay)
... but think of how much $$$ you could make in that time!

"Do I have to subscribe for the full three months?"
Heck, no.
Sign up today, and give it a try.
If you want to cancel before next month's subscription is due,
simply contact PayPal and cancel your subscription!

Even if you sign up today, and change your mind next week,
PayPal will return the subscription payment you've already made.

In short, we want you to feel confident promoting our service,
and the potential profits you can make for doing very little.

Note: We publish your email contact details on your personalised web page as - quite simply - people are ordering goods from YOU, (not us) and if there is any problem, they should contact YOU, (not us) If they decide they don't like what they get, they can claim a refund from YOUR Paypal account (not ours)

In effect, we remain 'invisible' to the end user.
That said, if the customer is experiencing a technical issue, you are welcome to contact us. We will retain their details until Dec 25th so can replicate an order for them. After that date, the database will be destroyed. (It will not be used for future marketing)

So all you have to do is click the button below to start your (max) three month subscription. (Obviously, if you sign up in November, you will only make two payments ... possibly even one payment as we will not take a subscription in December after 20th) Once your subscription is confirmed, we will take you to your Admin window.

Simply follow our instructions, and enter
  • Your payment button code into the appropriate space.
  • A contact email so customer's can contact you if there are any problems
  • A personal email address so WE can contact you if there is any problem
  • Click the button
We then display a confirmation screen showing the link to your personalised page.

It's as simple as that!
Then start sending people to that link, and begin earning some extra cash.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now

PS: A new option allows YOU
to print the documents on your customer's behalf.

You might choose to:
  • Use quality paper (120gsm) for the letter
  • Perhaps print the NiceList Certificate on card
  • Decorate with things like gold seals from eBay
  • Laminate the Certificate
  • Print the Santa photo using a Selphy printer or similar
  • Add a few unadvertised gifts etc
You then post it to your customer's directly.

Of course, the customer pays extra for this service / postal delivery (!!)
Yet you pay no more on your regular monthly fee

And all you have to do is send people to a different web page!

You get an email telling you of a new order,
then simply download it, print it and post it!

PPS:We have added a THIRD OPTION !
This allows you to advertise on sites like eBay and Fiverr where people
prepay for their order via another vendor.

All you then do is direct them to another page. They enter their details, press a button. The scripts create the docs and send them an email almost instantly telling them where they can download their files.

Or - if you prefer - you can still sell on eBay (at your own price) and then print / ship the items direct to your customer!
Yet you pay no more on your regular monthly fee