The "Swiss Army Knife" Of Software.

- Make Your Newsletter Sign Up Box Pop Up On Any Affiliate Website
- Allows Users To Download A Free Gift When They Subscribe
- Display Details Of Your Newsletter When People Click On A Banner Ad
- It Will Even Shorten Your Affiliate URL's

... And Lots More.

From the desk of: Chris Brown
Date: October 2015

Dear Newsletter Promotor

You have probably heard of the term "The Money Is In The List".

Quite simply, you will not earn large profits by sending an endless stream of potential customers to your website. The real money is made when you get those people to subscribe to your mailing list, and build a rapport with them.

If your reader's eagerly await each message you send them, they will begin to trust you enough to purchase what ever goods you recommend. That's why this technique is often referred to as Relationship Marketing

Alas, most newbie marketeers simply place a piece of code on their web pages, and invite people to enter their email address. This method might have worked once upon a time, but these days, readers expect something in return for submitting their address! This is usually just a simple ebook containing simple tips and techniques.

The usual method webmasters use to distribute these free guides is simply to attach them to the first email sent out to the new subscriber. Yes, it works providing ...
  • their inbox is not over its quota limit
  • the email doesn't get lost in cyberspace
  • the email address is legitimate
With our system ...
A message pops up in their browser window.
This invites them to visit "The Vault" to download their goods.
They enter a security code, and the item is delivered direct to their PC in a ZIP format.
That's OK when the viewer is on your website
and you can place the required HTML code onto your pages.

But wouldn't it be neat if you could make YOUR newsletter pop up on ANY website on the internet?
Or more importantly, on an affiliate website you promote.
Let's say you're an affilate for a golf product.

You send people to the site - hoping they might buy the product - and then WHOOSH!
up pops your newsletter signup box.

It invites them to add enter their email address,
and in return you'll send them a FREE EBOOK of hints and tips.

Do you think a few people will subscribe? I CAN VIRTUALLY GUARANTEE THEY WILL!!
Incidentally, you can also use the script to "cloak" your affiliate links.

For example, which would you rather use:

- or would you prefer -
What's that ???

You promote several golf affiliate sites?

Well of course, you COULD direct your potential customers to each site.

But wouldn't it be great if they could all appear on one site together.

Wouldn't it be even better if they could all appear on YOUR site,
and show YOUR newsletter pop-up code?

Try it out here {Magic related}

So far, people have only been able to dowload a pre-selected ebook when they subscribe.

But how about allowing THEM to select a product of their own choice
from (say) five or six available products.

Our script will create the basic HTML for you,
containing the product selection code and newsletter signup box.

You can then customise the code to include pictures of your products, detailed descriptions and even links to your sales page where you normally sell the same product.

It's quite an incentive if people see the product normally retails for $49:97
... but you're offering it FOR FREE if they subscribe to your newsletter!
Want even more ways to promote your newsletter? How about using Banner Ads.

Normally, when people click on a Banner Ad, they're diverted to someone else's site,
never to return to your site again!

Not so with our scripts

When people click on a Banner Ad, a form pops up asking:
  • Would they like to go directly to the vendor's site ...
  • Or would they like to subscribe to your newsletter before visiting the vendor's site.
What's more, the exchange works on a 1:1 exchange rate.

When a banner is displayed on YOUR site,
then one of your banners will be displayed on another website. (You can use up to ten banner ads)

You also get full "stats" so you can see
    • How many times the ad has been displayed,
    • How many people clicked through and
    • How many people subscribed.
You can enable / disable / change banners at any time.

Hey, this should even works with Twitter
(unless they've changed their API code!)

You provide the message you want re:tweeted,
they enter their username, click a button
and the message is sent to all their contacts.

And of course, they can then go to "The Vault"
to download the FREE EBOOK or gift you promised them
for re:tweeting your message!

In the example opposite, we will let you download
two small sample ebooks. One is a selection of links
to othe websites and the other are crochet patterns

OK, so not the best topics in the World
but it's simply to show you how my software works
... and how it could be working for you on your site!
Bonus Offer No1
CB-Wizard Search Engine

Using our simple code, you can make a ClickBank search box appear on your website.

The user enters any term, such as "Golf", "Casino" or "Magic" etc,
and the script displays all the vendor's offering suitable products.

Of course, if that person goes on to purchase an item, YOU earn the commission.

This is a cut down version of our main "CB-Wizard" software suite
The banner ads shown on the right are only availale in the full program

Here are all the features of this software:
  • Shorten long affiliate URL's to just a few letters

  • Make your newsletter pop-up window appear
    on any website on the internet

  • Display a sales / signup video
    on any website on the internet

  • Offer them a FREE GIFT when they subscribe

  • Allow people to select one item from multiple products

  • All products downloaded from "The Vault" for security

  • Group multiple affiliate sites onto one page

  • Get people to subscribe to your newletter
    when they click on a Banner Ad

  • Let Twitter's download a FREE GIFT
    when they re:tweet your message

  • Add a ClickBank search box to your website

Incidentally, this software is very easy to use; each option uses just one admin screen.

So how much is all this software worth?

It's often stated that - on average - each name on a mailing list
is worth $1 of "back end sales" per month.

If this software added just 100 customers a month to your mailing list,
you would have 1200 members (or more) in less than 12 months!.

This could generate $1200 a month in sales.
So even if I charged $600 for the software,
this could represent less than 50% of one months income (in theory!)

Even if I was to charge $300,
in theory you could recover this amount in less than 90 days

What about $197?

No, that's still too high for my liking.
As a low budget business owner myself, I'm here to help the "Average Joe"
who hasn't got hundreds - or even thousands of Dollars to burn on the latest promo!
How about less than a quarter of that ?

I'm hope you'll agree that a $47 one off payment is more than fair for what's on offer.
What's more, there's no "One Time Offers", no upsells / downsells
No countdown timers trying to convince you that you simply MUST buy now!
I play it straight-down-the-middle
This is the only price you'll pay. Full stop!

Oh, I nearly forgot:
You get A FULL 60 DAYS to trial this software

If you don't like it, simply request a refund within 60 days
and you'll get every penny refunded. No questions asked!
If things work out for you, and you add hundreds of people to your mailing list,
the software would have paid for itself even before the end of your trial period!

Or you might decide you don't think the software will work for you. That's a shame.
But just contact us, and you will get a full refund.

All this for just $47
Quite a deal, don't you think?

Believe me, for what's on offer, some traders would charge you as much as $495

Others might charge you $49 or more per month.

Whilst those sort of prices might be justifiable to Big Business,
(and the potential income from these scripts could also justify such a price)
it would put it out of the realm of the small home business person.

I'm all for helping the "Little Guy" rather than Big Business, hence my unrealistically low price
In terms of hours I have put in to develop these programs - and we're talking MONTHS, not days or weeks -
the price is again ridiculous. So grab a bargain before I put the price up to its true value.


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Remember, these seven scripts will allow you to shorten your URL's, make your newsletter pop-up appear on any website, allow you to make several affiliate sites appear on one web page, allows you to get subscribers via banner ads, and works with Twitter and ClickBank.

Please note that some of the options in this software involve using HTML frames.
It is unlikely the search engines will list such sites,
so you will need to promote the URL address to the sites via your own marketing methods

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