It May Not Make Your Website Into An
"All-Singing-And-All Dancing" Masterpiece,

Or Send You Thousands Of Visitors ...

But It Might Just Help Keep Your Site Legal

Plus An Extra Little Gizmo That Might
Help You Increase Your Affiliate Sales

Did you know ...
On December 1st 2009, new FTC guidelines recommended that
certain "policies" had to be displayed on your website?

(Yet it's amazing how many sites still disregard this fact!)

Personally, I think it makes sense to freely offer this information to your viewers.
After all, as a 'savvy' buisness owner, you don't use underhand tactics on your website, do you?
So why not boast about the fact, and tell your viewers all about it?

For example, some Biz-Opp sites might proclaim you can make $1,543,762 a month
if you use their software. What they omit to tell you is the fact that the owner uses SPAM
to send out 10,000 emails a day, so it's no wonder they've sold 100,000 copies of their $15 program!

You and I know this is complete BS ...
But the average John Doe in the street doesn't realise this

So if you make claims on your site, have a "DISCLAIMER" policy on your site that states
such results might be exceptional, and explain the sort of results the average person can achieve

  • Will people be giving you their credit card details?
    Will their data be secure on your site?

  • Will people have to give their email address?
    If so, will you be sharing it with other traders?

  • Do they need to give their physical mailing address?
    Will that data be retained by you?

Plus - apart from Adult themed websites - there are certain websites where people under 18
are not welcome. Not because the site has something to hide, but it might be that you sell goods and they need a credit card to purchase, (and you don't want them putting the sale on Dad's card!) So add a "MINORS" policy stating that users must be over 18

In other words, you're being totally "upfront and honest" by telling the user what you will do with the information they submit via forms, and what you expect of their conduct too.

"... And If You Have Any Problems, Simply Contact Us"
(but you try and find any contact information anywhere on their website !!)

In some respects, you can understand this reluctance to publish an email address as there are things such as SPAM-BOTS that can harvest these addresses, and send you hundreds of emails, (or falsify the emails they send out showing YOU as the sender)

Similarly, a lot of people work from home, and don't want their residential address known to others (if you use autoresponders, you'll have noticed that you now HAVE to include contact details)

In short, it's all about being "transparent" with your users,
and not hiding behind the anonymity of a web page to hide any shady dealings

True, you could write your own policies, create an HTML page for each of them,
and create hyperlinks with "onmouseover" events that open pop-up windows to display them.

Well ... that's only half true.

The FTC guidelines also state something to the effect that the window must remain open
" ... until the user makes a conscious choice to close the window"
In simple parlance: clicks a link within the pop-up window to close it again.

This same team also recently added another ruling:
If your site uses cookies, you must tell the user this fact
as well as telling them what data is collected, and how you will use it

Again, as trusted business owners, we can see where they're coming from
being totally open and honest with our customers without hiding the facts.

So much information we have to provide to our potential customers,
without making our websites too confusing with legal jargon and multiple pages of info

Product No1: Policy Editor (including "Secret Email")

We have created software that creates a small box that currently lives in the bottom left corner of the browser window, (although with a bit of CSS "jiggery-pokery" you can position it where ever you want)

Within this box is a drop-down list
showing the title of all your policies.
Select a title ... and the policy opens
in a pop-up window, which also includes a link
to allow the user to close the window again.
This also includes "Secret Email",
(which can also be shown as a button anywhere on screen)
No email address is revealed in this form,
but still their message is forwarded to you
It can even be set up so the email is sent to different email addresses, dependant on the subject
For example ...
  • If they click SALES, the email could be sent to you.
  • If they BILLING, the email could be sent to Tom in Scotland
  • If they select TECHNICAL, it could go to the operative in Malaysia

Both "Our Policies" / "Contact Us" boxes "float" in the browser window
so the user can still enjoy reading the rest of the page ...
but if they want to contact you at any time, the link is right there for them to click on.

They can also read your policies at any time!

Product No2: Accept Cookies

Remember we said that if your site uses cookies, you have to tell the user?
(Here's another little script)

When people come to your site, they get a few seconds to look around.
Suddenly, the screen fades to black, locks the page and informs them that the site uses cookies.

If they already know what harmless data cookies hold, they can click on the "ACCEPT" button

But they can also click another button, and more information is displayed onscreen.
Again, if they click the "ACCEPT" button, the page reopens again in all its glory
(If they click "DECLINE", they leave your site to visit Google or YouTube!)

Product No3: Ad Ticker
A ticker script with a twist

Normal ticker scripts tend to scroll text across the bottom of the screen.
This has two distinct disadvantages.

Firstly, the user may only see the end part of the advert
which caught their attention...

But now (secondly) they’ve got to wait for all the other adverts
to scroll past again before they see the advert that advert again!

With this ticker, the adverts suddenly “pop up”
across the entire width of the ticker bar
- - which in itself catches the viewers attention

Then it remains static for X number of seconds
allowing them time to read the advert and decide if they want to take action.

To further draw the user’s attention to an advert, a small graphic can also be placed
beside the text which extends above the ticker bar itself
and into the readable area of the main page

People can also ...
  • email you (yes, a third way they can contact you! Policy Screen / Email Button / Ticker)
  • subscribe to your autoresponder (via a pop-up form or squeeze page)
directly from the ticker!

You can now also add a little extra text to your pop-up
to tell people what the newsletter is about

But what abour that “problem” of having to wait for all the ads
to scroll through before they can return to one that caught their attention?

With this script, each ad is assigned to a numbered button,
(1 to 7 in the above screenshot with ad No2 currently being displayed)
They simply click the button at any time to re-read advert X, Y or Z

Alas, some people may find this changing text distracting. No problem.
They simpy click the Red "X" button, and the ticker is minimised
to a small, unobtrusive bar at the bottom of the page.

And of course, they can click this small bar again at any time
to restore the ticker to its full glory.

There is even a HELP link that tells them how to use the ticker
if they get stuck at any time.

What an unobtrusive way to display up to 15 links to other (affiliate) websites!

The ticker stays fixed to the bottom of the screen,
and the text of the main page scrolls behind it!

How Much Should We Charge For These Scripts?

Let's say we sold each script individually for $47; a total of $141. Ouch!
No doubt some vendors would have no qualms about charging $97 for this

Others might say $47 was more reasonable

But I'm here for the "little guy"
who hasn't got an endless stream of Dollars to invest in fancy gizmos!
No OTO's, no upsells / downsells.
The price you'll see below is the only price you'll pay!

All three options run from a simple three page admin screen: nothing complex to learn

First released a few years ago, I have now revised the product.
For the tech-types, gone are the iframes and modal Window pop-ups
to be replaced with the modern alternatives of <object> and ≤div> tags.

I will be relaunching this revamped product at just $19.95.

Get Your Copy Now.

The script is super-simple to install via its installer script
And super-simple to use with it's three screen admin panel.
Oh, and a 23 page PDF instruction guide.

So what are you waiting for:

Order Your Copy Today
Cookie_Tick (Cookie lock, policy display and ticker. Three scripts in one!)

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