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If our Clickbank Wizard granted you
three wishes ... what would you like?
I would like ...

  1. A search box on my web pages that displays appropriate ClickBank products

  2. Pays me a commission when anyone
    orders via my search engine

  3. Hides my hoplink so that thieves
    cannot cheat me out of commission

  4. Lets me to generate "keyword specific"
    Virtual Real Estate pages

  5. Lets me to create "keyword specific"
    "mini sites"

  6. Discover products that are "hot"
    ... and which are not.

  7. Help me brainstorm niche keyword topics ...
Whoa There!!
We said three wishes!

But never mind, for this is a Good Wizard;
he'll grant all these wishes and more besides!


Fact is, our Wizard can do so many things, it's difficult to know where to start.

In its most basic form, -shown above left - you place a simple search box on your site, and each time the user enters a keyword, a list of appropriate products appear on screen. The hoplink is also hidden, so there is no way thieves can change your username and cheat you out of your commission payments.

What's more, this option is FREE

Yes, you can install the search box on any page of your site within a few moments.

Depending on how you set things up, the results will either appear on the "CB-Wizard" website,
or they can appear on your own web pages. Obviously, the latter is probably your preferred option.

Our "commercial" program has an Admin interface with a host of extra features
Pass your mouse over any link below for more details

The program has a database of over 10,000 keywords, each broken into alphabetical sets. These are not just any old words ... they are the words the vendor's have used within their ClickBank Marketplace titles.

All you do is select a letter, (for example, the letter "G") and all the words that start with "G" appear in a drop down menu.
  • Gadgets
  • Gallstones
  • Gamblers
  • Games
  • Gardening
  • Genealogical
... and so on.

Simply select a keyword,
and it appears in the "Search Keyword" box.
(You can enter your own keyword manually if you wish)
Some vendors use ClickBank purely as a payment processor ...
and do not pay any affiliate commission!!

Why should you promote a vendor
that will pay you zero commision?

To avoid this, we can tell the software to only show results
that match our Min commission requirements.

So now you get 30 vendors returned.
You can now visit each vendor, to see if you like the sales page.
then add their hoplink to your web pages.

You can also view their overall position in ClickBank database,
- the more sales they've made, the higher their position

Which vendor is paying the most commission?
Click the to rearrange values (highest paying vendor at top)

The screen also displays the amount you earn per sale,
commission value, approximate retail price of product
and how many sales have been referred via affiliates.
You can also discover the ranking of a vendor. In simple terms ...

If three months ago they were at position 50, last month at 30 and are now at position 20 it means they are moving up the database and making more sales. (The higher their position, the more sales they're making)

Conversely, if the reverse trend were true, and their ratings were going down, it could indicate sales are in decline and you may not wish to promote that item. (The current month is shown far right)
Having decided on a keyword, removed vendors paying 0% commission, visited the vendors and decide to promote 25 of the original 30 search results, you simply place a tick in a box beside those vendors you wish to promote.

Click another button ... and a VRE page is created with your aritcle at top of page, and search results box at the bottom.

This shows the titles/descriptions of x number of products ... and each carries a hidden affiliate link. If anyone clicks on the links and purchases, you earn a commission!

Each page shows ten results, so if you had chosen to display the ads for 25 vendors, then and buttons beneath the search results.
You can also design the HTML page these results are displayed on.

Simply design your template offline, upload it via the admin interface and it's ready to use on your Virtual Real Estate / mini site pages. You could also incorporate other affiliate ads on these pages.

The template pages are hosted on the "CB-Wizard" server,
and you direct traffic to a special URL on our website.

You can also use templates to change the design of the actual ads; you can use a colour scheme similar to Adsense ads, display them as tower ads and so on.

You can preview templates before you generate your pages.

The button generates the HTML code required
to place our search box shown above on other web pages.
You can also make
Adsense style banner ad blocks appear on your site.

These can be 2 or 3 adverts wide,
and X number of rows deep.

You can amend the colors of all the ads
as well as the background colour of the advert panel.

When people click on an advert, they visit the vendor's site.
If they purchase, YOU earn the commission!
You can also have a "Mini-Search Engine" on your site ... and the results are shown directly on your page!

You can set the colour of ...
  • The search box
  • The search box border
  • The Ad backcground
  • The Ad border
  • How many ads appear
When anyone clicks on an advert, they visit the vendor's site.
And if they order YOU earn the commission!

Note: There is a slight disadvantage to using this code. The search term may generate 30 or more results, but only five or so vendors will be shown. Thus, the script selects vendors at random from the search results. Thus, no two people will see the same results.
To display the Top Ten products, all you have to do is include one line of Javascript code - which you simply copy from the box which is displayed on the admin screen!

You can also specify a Min Commission required,
and remove ads that pay less than $x commission.
A drop-down menu is shown at the top of the screen which contains ClickBank vendors promoting products related to a particular keyword niche.

When the user selects an option, the vendor's page is displayed in the lower screen. (Of course, if they purchase anything =YOU= earn the commission!)

** This works the same way as CB-WIzard {Lite} script
Set a Minimum Commission
10,000+ keyword database
Admin Interface
Vendor ranking
Virtual Real Estate Pages
Template based pages
ClickBank Banner Ads
ClickBank Tower Search Ads
ClickBank Top Ten
ClickBank "Mini Sites"
The Banner Add options shown above, and to the right are easy to place on your website, and involve nothing more complex than ...
placing a SINGLE LINE of HTML code
on your website of blog.

Go ahead. Try the search engine on the right and see what happens. These results could just as easily appear on YOUR website ... and when anyone purchases an item via the link,
YOU gain the commission!!

All this is achieved via a one screen interface that takes very little time to master.

You DO NOT need to have your own web hosting account ... or spend time installing and configuring php scripts on your website etc as the software runs on our servers. You simply place the HTML code on your website, sit back ... and watch the sales flood into your ClickBank account.

By now, you're probably thinking this is going to be an expensive piece of software.
Well, you're in for a surprise ...

We are currently offering the software for just $24.95pm
What's more, the first 30 days are just $4.95
Make one or two affiliate sales per month, and the software pays for itself
Any sales after that will be PURE PROFIT

Plus, you will earn around $10 per month for every copy of the program you sell ...
and around $4 every three months for any advert you sell in "The Directory"

Just look at all these features
  • Got a website? Place a ClickBank search engine on it
  • Whatever product people search for, every purchase will earn you a commission

  • Don't have a website? Generate a few Virtual Real Estate page on our server
  • Your VRE pages are hosted on our site - as many as you care to create.
    Simply drive traffic to those pages ... and you earn the commission.

    SAMPLE: Golf VRE page

  • Show targeted products on your site
  • If you have a site related to "Golf", encode that word into a button,
    and as soon as the button is clicked, all Golf related products are shown on your site

  • Adsense style Banner Ads
  • You define the colours, and how many ads to display.
    Could be 3 ads wide by 1 row deep (Banner style ad ),
    or perhaps 1 ad wide by 5 rows deep (Tower style ad)
    You control the number of ads wide / no of rows.

  • Tower Search Engine
  • A simple search box displays random ads in a column beneath the search box.

  • ClickBank "mini-sites"
  • Users select a product from a drop down menu. The vendor's sales page then appears in the lower part if the window. If the visitor purchases an item, you earn the commission.

    SAMPLE: Photoshop "mini_site"

  • Show products that pay over $x.xx commission
  • You can amend the search form so that it only shows products over a specific value. Hide the ads that pay $0 commission.

  • Your ClickBank username hidden
  • Each link hides your true username.
    No way for thieves to amend your details and cheat you out of your commission
    You can also use these coded links in your direct promotions

  • A 10,000+ keyword list
  • Stuck for an idea for a niche market? Select a keyword from the list,
    and discover how many products there are for that tightly defined niche

  • Create your own templates
    Design your own page, make the ads look like Adsense in both colour and style.
    Numerous styles are possible.
The software uses its own specialist database, which we update once a week.
So every week, there are hundreds of new products being added to the database.

Don't Like Our Product?
Request A "No Questions Asked" Refund

You have up to 60 Days to try this software. If during that period you decide the software is not for you, simply contact ClickBank who will give you a prompt "No Questions Asked" refund.
I want to be able to place a CB-Wizard Search Engine on my website, and earn commission on any product the user purchases.

I will also be able to set a minimum commission per sale, and generate Virtual Real Estate pages and mini-sites via the Admin Interface.

I also want to display Banner Ad blocks on my site, and earn commission if anyone buys a product via the link

I will also earn commission on any ads I sell in "The Directory",
or any copies of the "CB-Wizard" program I sell

The service is $14.95 per month
which I can cancel within 60 days should I choose to do so

I will lose access to the admin area,
but can still send people to this site to earn commissions
Any word or letter/number combination
that you can remember

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Your email address will not be passed to other vendors

I can simply send people to this sales page, and still earn commission when people purchase any ClickBank product via the search box / banner ads / directory listing, and earn a commission on every copy of the software I sell.

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Why not place our FREE ad directory on your website?

All you need is one extra line of code on your web page

Your viewers can add their own ads to the directory which cost just
$14:95 every three months ... and just $4:95 for first three months,
And you earn 50% commission on those ads!

Plus, if anybody purchases a product from the diectory shown on your site,
you earn a commission from those vendors too!!

Full details will be supplied with all scripts,
and with our FREE NEWSLETTER

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