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** See the “UPDATE” at the bottom of this post about an exciting new development

Lets be honest, there are hundreds of “work from home” / “biz opps” around. A large number of those posted on Facebook, CraigsList etc are little more than scams. You know the type of thing: “Send me $10, and I will show you how to make $100,000 in less than a week”

Occasionally, you might come across a genuine biz opp, such as promoting “Kleeneze”, “Avon”, “Usbourne” (books for children) or scented candles, bath bombs etc. With these type of promotions, you obtain orders – usually via catalogues – and when the goods arrive, deliver them to customers. However, for me, there are a few disadvantages to this method.

First, you’ve got to get orders. This usually means delivering catalogues through people’s letterboxes. You then have to return a few days later to collect the brochures – those that have not been put in the bin! – and hopefully a few will contain orders.

So you send the orders off to Head Office. It’s Christmas, and a few days later, four large boxes arrive. Now, where are you going to store all that stock before you deliver it to your respective customers? In the spare bedroom – otherwise known as the junk room where everything gets pushed to one side. OK, so storage dilemma solved, you head out in your car to deliver the gooods. Only 60% of your customers are not in … so you’ve got to go out and try again tomorrow. And the day after that. Meanwhile, you’ve also got to find time to push out the next batch of catalogues.

Plus, you usually have to pay to join these ventures. That can be difficult if you do not have much spare money.

Many also work via a “referral” system – also known as “Multi Level Marketing” The concept is simple. You get someone to join the deal, and then earn a percentage of any SALES they make. (Note: This is the legal type of MLM where you are earning a percentage of SALES) There are other schemes where you are paid to get others to JOIN a scheme, and then earn a percentage of all the signup fees. These are illegal, and often referred to as “Ponzi” schemes. With these latter schemes, it soon becomes clear that if everything goes to plan, there will soon be MILLIONS of people in the downline, all expecting a percentage of other people who sign up later.

The latest thing to fall under this scam is Bitcoin. People have heard that $$$ can be made by Bitcoin, and will join a scheme that simply mentions the word “Bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency” … even though in reality, it has nothing to do with the coin itself or its blockchain. But that’s an article for another time.

For me then, the ideal business is something that is:
– consumable so people will purchase month after month
– low cost, (maybe £2 – £3 rather than £20 for a pack of coffee)
– is something that people actually buy each month
– is something people want (when was the last time you REALLY needed a plastic box to keep your bacon fresh?)
– doesn’t require you to keep delivering / collecting catalogues
– doesn’t require a spare room or garage to hold stock
– doesn’t require you to go out in all weathers to deliver goods to people
– (and the biggest one of all) costs NOTHING to join

If you want to add something that is “green” / recyclable to that list, that’s an added bonus. If it also used the same MLM referral system mentioned above, ie where you earn from sales, then you’ve got a winner.

OK, let’s be honest. If the product is retailing for £3 – making it affordable for most people – you’re not going to earn a lot on each level of the downline. Of course, the real beauty of the system comes into effect once you’ve built a reasonably sized downline team. And with this venture, it’s not something you need to do a “hard sell” on. Your simply show friends will see the item – if not already on display – and they say “Oh, I like that!” “Yes”, you say “I got it from XYZ. Only cost £3”. Your friend decides they would like some of these for themselves … and as quick and as simple as that, you’ve earned a commission ! Plus, some people will order MORE than a single item, further boosting what you earn.

Or how about this? You’re an “arty-crafty” type, and create something the promoters can sell on. You earn a commission each time someone buys your item. If it was just one sale, you probably wouldn’t get rich. But your product will be seen by EVERY person who visits the company’s website – which could soon run into the thousands. Even if only a small percentage of those people purchase your item, you’d earn a Royalty on every one … One more thing. If YOU introduce your artistic friends, you also get a percentage of their Royalties too ! Note: Not everyone is accepted into this side of the business. You need to have a certain amount of ‘artistic’ ability.

Oh, and this isn’t a “one off”. People who introduce their friends to the venture will also be reordering products again next month, and a few may select one of your products. That equals more commission.

As you can see, there are an infinate number of ways to make the pennies grow !

Enough of the mystery, what is the product. It’s: “GREETINGS CARDS

This is a multi billion Pound industry. Just look at the number of shops there are in every major town up and down the country selling cards. Not to mention those available in supermarkets and newsagents. Even your local convienience store probably has some! Every body has a Birthday. Some people reach 18. Some get to 21. Some get new jobs. Some move to a new job. Some people retire, some people are unwell. Some people get engaged, some get wed. Some celebrate Silver, Golden and other Wedding Anniversaries … and all of them need a Greetings card! So why would people not buy their cards via you? (Or more correctly, your online web store) Oh, and soon you will be able to personalised your cards with a person’s name, sentiments etc.

You can also add your own message / photo inside the card as well, which can also be printed for you.

Here’s another clincher! You can ask the company to send your cards directly to a recipient … even if their Birthday is not for another three months. As it gets closer to the Big Day, the company will automatically print your card – including any message you want to invlude inside – and mail it off for you so it arrives on time. Find a card shop that will do that for you!

And if you’re the artist whose cards are featured on the site, you can also “bulk buy” 10 or more of your own cards for just £9.50. So you can buy a pack or two to promote in your own studio / give to charity etc.

All YOU have to do is get other people interested in the cards. As stated above, that can be as simple as chatting to a friend who shows an interest in your cards. Even better, send people to the web site. If you’ve been excepted as an artist, you can send people to a page promoting your range of cards. (Remember, as the artist, any sales you make earns you 50p commission!) Even if you’re not an artist, if you send people to the main website, and they purchase a card, YOU EARN A COMMISSION. What’s hard about that?

Some people will also see the business potential of this, and sign up as a member of your team. And now, any sales THEY make … you earn a commission. If they get friends to sign up under them … you earn a commission. This downline continues down seven levels. Yet it hasn’t cost you anything to sign up.

Well, that’s not 100% true. You see, in order to be an “active member” in the “Refer and Share” MLM plan, you have to purchase at least one greetings card a month. That will cost you the grand sum of £2.69 (plus 65p postage for up to 3 cards) You’d probably spend that buying a card in a local shop anyway! But by buying through this site, you will earn a commission on every card sold via your downline! And remember, they will mail it directly to your relative / friend even if their Birthday isn’t for another six months. (You could shedule your entire family’s cards for the whole year, then forget about it, confident that everyone will get their card on the appropriate day!)

So how much commission do you get per card? (Drum roll, please) You get a whopping … 12p !! “TWELVE PENCE !!” I hear you scream. But remember, this is being paid out over seven levels, (84p from each sale is paid out in downline commission. Another 50p is paid to the artist who created the card) If each person does their best to recruit three people – which I hope you’ll agree wouldn’t be that hard – your downline could soon look like this:


Remember, you will earn 12p on every one of those members buying one card a month, but even taking this HYPOTHETICAL example, the last level alone would pay 2187 x 12p = £262pm for doing very little. And that’s assuming people buy ONE card. How many cards do people buy at Christmas ? How about a month where somebody has to buy three or four Birthday cards? Plus artists get the 50p Royalty every time someone buys one of your cards.

The site itself recommends that eveyone tries to recruit just one person a month, for the next five months only. If everyone did that, in 30 months your downline could run into the tens of thousands of active downline members.

Reality alert: The chances of EVERYONE in your downline introducing 3 or 5 people is remote! It COULD happen, but you should be realistic.

That said, the converse could also occur. You get a really “Big Hitter” in your team who manages to recruit 100 people. You earn 12p on all of those sales, and any introductions those people make … And these types do exist. They’re the ones that usually win the company car, which requires hundreds of people in their team, and lots of sales. You really can’t say how your downline will grow. That said, the average Joe will simply sit back, and wait for everything to come to them, and be disappointed when they don’t earn £10,000 by this time next week! Of course, if you also help the people you introduce to get more signups, then you benefit even more in the long run.

Will you earn thousands from this? If everything goes to plan, in theory you could. If it happens, it happens … but don’t rely on it. Make a few hundred – especially in the early stages? Yes, I believe that’s possible with a little effort.

At present, you can only buy “plain” cards, (printed on sustainable “green” 380GSM glossy card) but very soon the company will be offering “personalisation” so you can add a person’s name to the front of each card. Elsewhere in the card industry, this is usually a Premium service, which means the card seller charges more. As far as I’m aware, “WeAllSendCards” include this personalisation in the basic price as standard.

In conclusion: Why not give it a try? It’s not going to cost you anything, other than the price of buying one card a month, (which you would probably buy anyway!) If the idea snowballs over the coming months – as I feel it could do as it only started mid 2017 – well, you’re at the top of the tree, and you could soon have a nice healthy downline.

Oh, and one more thing. The system also puts you in contact with all the team members you personally introduce, which ideally means you can help them recruit even more people. “But I don’t know how to get people to sign up myself, how can I teach others?” Don’t see it as a teacher / pupil arrangement, rather, if you find a method that works for you, share it with your team. You might even find a few hints and tips on the WASC Facebook groups where everyone shares ideas and tips.

Anyone who knows me personally will know I’m a tough cookie to crack when it comes to signing up to other “Biz Opps”. I literally go through deals with a “fine tooth comb”, and look for as many negatives as I can. I also consider if the “positives” have true value. If the pros outweigh the cons, I might – just might – sign up if the monthly fee is reasonable. (I doubt if you’ll find a better deal than the £2.69 a month this costs!) About the only negative I have with this venture is the small commission per card, but what do you want? A larger commission selling a more expensive item fewer people will buy, or a product with lower commissions that people can purchase on a whim with ‘pocket change’?

I’m 100% behind this venture at present.

Here are some links to my own cards, and a few other members as well.















Update: New Development

The “WeAllSendCards” site have recently introduced a “DYO” option. That stands for “Design Your Own” Literally, you start with a blank card, and can add your own photos and text, position them where you want them to appear, adjust the sizes, colour and font style, rotate the text, rotate / scale / crop pictures etc. Not just on the cover, but also the two inside pages as well. Interestingly, “MoonPig”, “Funky Pigeon” etc offer a similar service … but WASC is around 20% cheaper than these rival companies.

If you don’t want to start with a completely “blank canvas”, you can take many of the existing cards on the site, and add your own details to them. The middle section of this short video shows you what you can do with the personalisation tool.

Link to the “Design Your Own” service
Link to my card shop

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