How I lost £11,000

There is a saying which says “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves” … but it doesn’t seem to apply to me!

In 2010, I lost three relatives. In short, they left me legacies which totalled around £15,000. But at the same time, I became unemployed. With all that money in my bank, I would have received a reduced amount of financial assistance called “Job Seeker’s Alowance” So I had to ‘lose’ some of the cash.

Along came an investment advisor. “We have a Court case that needs Business Angels to invest. You’ll get your money back in 6mths, plus 50% interest” Hmm, I’ll have some of that … So I invest £5,000

Then another opportunity: “Invest in this film, and you’ll get a percentage of all sales and future merchandising” Hmm, I’ll have some of that … So I £1,000

You’ve invested in one film, invest in this one, and you can offset the money against your tax returns” Hmm, I don’t pay taxes, so I can’t use that feature, but Hmm, I’ll have some of that… So I invest £3,000

Along comes a franchise operation. All you have to do is replace the ad posters in toilet facilities in pubs and clubs local to you, and they would pay £20 for each one updated each month. With 40 pubs to the round, well Hmm I’ll have some of that … So I invested £2,000 in the franchise

You can probably guess what’s gonna happen.

The plantiff’s in the Court case wouldn’t play ball, and the person would never reveal to the court’s where he hid his money overseas. (He’d rather go to jail for contempt of court than reveal his cache) Well that guy “fell” to his death from a second story window. His wife inhereted his cash … which was what the Court case set out to do in a divorce settlement. But now, the lady in question is saying “It’s my money. Screw all you who helped me fight the Court case” So rather than a quick six months, it could drag on for YEARS as one party fights the other.

There is a slim chance that the investors will be compensated eventually – probably about the same time you start to see airborne piggies!

The films? Big box office flops, and the producers don’t even cover their production costs from ticket sales. But hey, the Big Guys simply say “Oh well” and offset the money against their tax liabilities for the year. I couldn’t do that, so “Bye bye £1,000 / £2000″

What about the franchise? AdPosters proved to be a big con, and they simply closed the business, and walked off into the sunset with TENS of people’s £1000 – £4000 investments! (Of course, the Police didn’t want to investigate as the money lost by each individual was too small to bother with. I also lost £1000 buying a camera on ebay that way!!)

So that left me with £4,000. OK, I have used some of that to purchase photo related items, but mainly it has been subsidising my living expenses. That is now down to less than £1,000

It does hurt when I think of my relation’s inheritance that has been lost. If I’d simply frittered it away on booze or drugs, I’d only have myself to blame. But I tried to improve myself … and it backfires. EVERY TIME

I have created software programs I’ve tried to market. I’ve created a book on CreateSpace that got nowhere. I wrote a Kindle enook that got knowhere …

Do I give up? Would be tempting, but no. I will push on doing the best I can and hope that one day – hopefully sooner rather than later – things will turn around for me.

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